Chiara Bonetti is an italian photographer currently based in Mexico City, working since 2015 between Italy and Germany.

She studied Communication Design at IUAV in San Marino.

Her work largely explores aspects of subcultures, rarely documented communities that are united by a shared identity, passion or cultural heritage.

She uses her camera to explore the traditions, the rituals that connect individuals as a collective and that are often about to disappear with the modern world rush.



Besides her fashion projects that brought her to collaborate with brands like Escada, Liu Jo, Orlebar Brown and many magazines, she also documented the last dance halls of Mexico City and the Mezcal producers of Oaxaca.






One last Danzón – C41 magazine

Falling into places – Fisheye magazine

Cosmic boredom – FUBIZ

Artista del mese – Art Gallery



VICE Magazine

WRPD Magazine

Capital Magazin

PAP Magazine

Contributor Magazine

Flannelle Magazine


CONTACT  Wichertstraße 66, 10439Berlin +49 15233527800 (DE) +39 335278654 (IT) Instagram      

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