Chiara Bonetti is a photographer based in Berlin and working since 2015 between Italy and Germany.

She studied Communication Design at IUAV in San Marino.

Interested in the identity of her subjects, she often reveals their world by shooting in their usual environments, in their homes or in places familiar to them, providing an intimate portrait between subject and photographer.

Places, people, actions become perimeters of self-knowledge, and real or imaginary places, in which to feel free to express the truest and most essential part.

The representation of that “place” becomes reflection; attention to detail; searching for fractions that appear to have been forgotten; casual encounters; female bodies of unconventional beauty; imperfections of everyday life.

The observation of how people and places communicate with each other are attempts to explore signals that in some way recreate and bring back distant memories.

Always on the move in a fluid path aimed at discovery, in search of one’s own personal and artistic identity, the creative production seems to be like a perennial journey that takes you back “home”, be it a physical place, a metaphysical space or a refuge of the heart.

That “house” in which the teaching received by the women of the family now becomes inspiration and example.

The artistic production therefore becomes the creation of visual notes that allow you to stop, pause, observe and reflect, investigate ephemeral moments of happiness that refer to a distant past, but which confront each other fluidly in the present, and recall a distant desire to be looked after and comforted, just like the need to go home.




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