The stalker - series


group exhibition - Milan 2017


Everyone is simultaneously a mixture of being public and private. We are "social animal" exposed

to socio-cultural pressures, but also introverted person with thoughts and feelings hidden inside.

Through photography, I am interested to know how far I am allowed to go, physically

and emotionally, while approaching the inner world of others.

Nowadays the boundary between public and private is dramatically thinned thanks to social

networks community and public surveillance cameras.

What is the right distance between the observer and the unaware protagonist of observation?

Which is the step that deliberately cross the lines of privacy and propriety?


"The stalker" is an ongoing project, developed from the chaotic urban context.

Common denominator is the boundary between public and private relationships.

I am looking for intimacy, in spaces where we are used to share our daily life: public stations,

urban transports and streets.

Observing and following my subjects on the streets of different big cities like Berlin and New

York, I am looking for casual encounters: a gesture, an expression or a look that catch my



I let myself flow in the others life for a short time, until I feel that I have to let them go.

I started shooting in New York with a telephoto lens, standing far away from the subjects

and managing to be unnoticed.

In Berlin, however I had to change its approach, because people were awed by the size

of my camera.

Currently I am shooting with a 35 mm lens, which forces me to physical and emotional proximity.

Noting that the relationship between public and private is directly connected to the specific urban

and cultural context of a country, l want to continue to develop this project shooting in different



"The stalker" is conceived as a series of photographic diptychs or triptychs that have to be

examined together, as if they were different chapters of the same book.